It’s not that difficult , ther is a hundreds and mybe a thousends of websites that give you cheap flights , but how you know it’s the cheapest! well this is the important question, How and where to find the cheapest flights ? .

Where can i find the Cheapest Flights in the internet ?

Actually it’s so easy, and you are in the Right Place 🙂 , #1cheapflights or #OneCheapFlights or #OCF it’s a Search Engine website and blog for travelers , here in OCF you can easy find cheap flights and hotels and the best deals from Airlines all that with prices compare to make sur that you find the cheapest price that Suits you and save maximum money.

From this post you don’t need to search about Cheap Flights Again

How to search :

Follow this easy steps : you can use the search engline in this page in the Right it’s the same .

cheap flights search engine

  1. Select : FLIGHTS  of  HOTELS : as you can see Down/right ther is option for search hotels in your destination to .
  2. Start typing your origin (you can find exactly your airport).
  3. Same thing, select the Airport in your destination.
  4. Date of Depart and Return.
  5. Passengers/Class: Adults – children under 12 years old – Infantsunder 2 years.

After clicking SEARCH you will be redirected to the results , this will take jus a few secondes, then you can filter the search to find a good prices that Suits you and save a lot of money .

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